KBK Quarry

The KBK Quarry Project (KBK) is situated in Malinau Regency, North Kalimantan Province, and is set to become a major supplier of hard aggregates in Kalimantan. Currently, the project holds approximately 72 million tonnes of mineral resources (as of JORC, 2012), with an expected increase of 50-80 million tonnes by mid-2023. We will extract the "Greywacke" rock using standard drill and blast quarrying methods. Our main goal is to ensure safe and cost-effective operations by managing risks and providing a safe working environment for our workforce. Our operations are part of a fully integrated Aggregate Business Unit, where effective planning, proper design, adherence to processes, and continuous cost optimization are essential. The longevity of this asset depends on forward planning, real-time performance analysis, cost reduction, and efficient use of capital.

Product Range

Crush Stoned

Rock Dust

(0-5mm size)

This product size is the softest and smallest, the particle size resembles soft sand. This size of split stone is suitable for the process of paving, making culverts, making brick presses, or used as a substitute for sand. This is a very popular sought after product in construction. ​

Crushed Stone

(5-10mm size)

This size is widely used for mixtures in the process of paving roads, from light roads to class 1 roads. Split stones of this size are commonly mixed with asphalt to produce hot mixed asphalt.​​

Crushed Stone

(10-20mm size)

Popular choice for casting materials of various types of construction, ranging from light to heavy construction. Buildings that use cast concrete from split stone materials of this size include toll roads, multi-storey buildings, airports, railroads, ports/docks, piles, bridges, and others.

Crushed Stone

(20-30mm size)

Widely used for floor casting and other horizontal casting materials. It can also very easily be blended to form base product with unique requirements.​ ​

Crushed Stone

(30-50mm size)

Commonly used for the base of the road body before using other materials, rail bearing supports, pipe covers, or ballast on the seabed, and is used to cast concrete breakwaters.​​


(100kg-350kg block)

This type of stone is often referred to as the boulder elephant stone. Elephant/armourstone is a type of split stone that has the largest size compared to other types of split stone. Usually used to make concrete breakwater, beach reclamation material, material for making small piers, and building foundation materials.